Cactus Info

Cactus Types

I have assembled a list of some cool looking cactus types I enjoy. Have fun reading!

 Aloe Zanzibarica

This cactus grows into the shape of a star.  Found in Africa, it blooms in the Springtime.  If you wanted to grow it here in Canada, you need to allow it to live in a room that has a constant temperature of about 36 degrees. 

Cephalocereus Palmeri

This cactus grows generally around the coastal plains in Mexico.  Similar to the the Aloe, this cactus grows best in spring, and requires temperatures hovering around 32 degrees.  Is susceptible to frost, so...

General Cactus Care

Almost everyone knows that acactus can go a long time between drinks, but there are a number of plants in other families -- crassula, euphorbia, and lily -- that can do the same thing. But, what is a cactus and how do you care for it?

Cactus Image Gallery

Cacti are a type of plant called succulents. They've learned how to compete for survival all over the world.

Cacti from desert areas, like the Mammillaria and Echinocactus, are plump and spiny while those that originally grew in jungle areas are flat or thin and spineless...